Thursday, 14 April 2011

90 Degrees

Sad to say, no it’s not the temperature, it’s the angle…
Last weekend we witnessed the motley crew of this boat trying unsuccessfully to pull in before this swing bridge. There were three people on board, and it took them half an hour of faffing about like this before they finally managed it.
On several occasions the back end came in, but it seems nobody thought about getting off and grabbing a rope. Just watching this performance was really quite entertaining in a quite spectacular sort of way. Grounded, stuck side on, bashing into the bridge, it had all the elements required for a short educational film on “How not to.”
Pure inexperience, or lack of common sense…?
Even the bloke on the towpath walked past TT and said to us,
“Well I’m no boater, but he’s making a right pigs bottom out of that!”

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