Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Door Disaster Zone

Imagine the scene:
I woke up at dawn this morning, greeted with warmth, sunshine, the sweet chorus of birdsong, and the happy smile all that puts on one’s face :-)

So I got up to throw open the front doors (still wearing said cheesy grin). The idea being to close the curtains again afterwards to avoid a bluebottle invasion. Then go back to the land of nod in peace and quiet…

When I say “throw open the front doors” I don’t mean literally of course. But that’s what happened because one of them fell off it’s hinges, which left me stood there holding it up thinking now what do I do? Whenever I find myself in a predicament like this, which is quite often, the best plan of action is to shout the likes of “Dave, we have a situation here,” (works every time).

Well how the heck was I to know the darn thing was going to drop off in my hand…?

The temporary answer was to jam it shut, fortunately there’s three hinges and the bottom one was still intact – but it didn’t make the operation any easier. There’s only me could walk into a door that isn’t all there in the first place…

So this afternoon’s job was to go get some new hinges, and make it into a door that does what doors are supposed to do again. There’s an opening for a puny pun there, but I’ll close the door on it.

Coming up tomorrow:Carpentry skills nailed.” A short and extremely boring instruction guide on how to maintain your hinges without losing a screw…

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