Monday, 18 April 2011

Evening Star, Albert Fowler’s steam road roller

We heard a steam roller trundling along yesterday, then all of a sudden silence descended, except for the “toot toot” of a whistle. So we went out to have a look, it had stopped to fill up with water. Tell you what, it attracted quite an audience…!

Turns out it was on it’s way back to Mawdesley after spending the day at a local Steam Engine Rally. I wish I’d had chance to get a photo of the guy riding the Penny Farthing, he could’ve done with a whistle too.
Can’t say that I’ve ever been a big fan of engines of any kind, but stood in front of 100 years of history like that was really quite impressive, so:
Happy Centenary “Evening Star”
I was online this morning trying to find some more research and a bit of history about it. All I found was a couple of photos that weren’t as good as these…!

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