Tuesday, 26 April 2011

We´re staying put for the weekend

But our friends had to leave us yesterday and head back for the marina. The first bit of the return journey is a bit difficult, because it involves backing up through a lock, then turning in the “unofficial” windy hole further down. Only a select few of us know about it so shush.
Dave’s done this procedure before with TT so he helped Ian get his boat lined up in the lock next to Mark. It was a strange sight that, watching Dave backing up a narrowboat and parking it neatly next to another one in a lock. There’s a first x 2…!
He did a good job too, in fact I was quite proud of him considering most of us had chronic hangovers. I went to help open the lock gates and told Debs there was only half of me here, the other half was still in bed asleep.
There he is on the right holding the boat away from the side, don’t know where Mark had disappeared to. He’s a bit like Dave when it comes to doing the Spiderman thing where locks are concerned, could be anywhere…
Meanwhile on the other side of the lock this swan was doing the “bottoms up” thing, bit late for that, should’ve been with us last night…
Yes very balletic, thought it was going to do an unplanned 360 backwards flip there for a moment…
Which also reminds me, we’re going up to “The Ship Inn” again tonight to try out the food, we’ve heard it’s very good. (All we know for sure is that the drinks are very good – as discovered Friday night).
Sunny day, Easter weekend, popular place in a gorgeous setting, which means we’ll probably have to set off down the towpath about 4pm. Order at 5pm, then wait another hour or so. But who cares when it’s sunny and warm?
Tip of the day: Never leave your dry roasted peanuts out in the sun because they turn into rock pebbles…

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