Saturday, 9 April 2011

Why we love the Rufford canal so much

It’s so quiet and peaceful here, just a few boats have been past us today, two of them turned in the windy hole further down then came back!
When I hear some of the stories about the area round Braunston and the phrase “Boat rage” this couldn’t be more different. {However we usually get some visitors when we’re out here to shatter the peace for a while}
Anyway here’s some pictures I took on our way on Thursday, with not a BW sign in sight.
We have orange fields round here as well as not real orange trees tha´ knows…
I would say that’s my house but there’s too many barns round it. The old gem “can’t see the wood for the trees” comes to mind even if it isn’t particularly relevant…
Spot the sheep amidst the tumbleweeds…
Spot the lambs amidst their mums…
Working boat Ladybird – hasn’t done any work for ages…
Percy the pigeon sat posing on a bridge…
Nope I’m not coming out from behind this bush for anything, no way…
Oh well go on then…
“Please respect Jessica’s special place, died Oct 97”
I know it’s a bit morbid but every time we’ve gone past this memorial it makes me wonder if Jessica died there. It may have happened before they removed what used to be a lock.
You can just make out what was the RHS of the lock beyond the bridge in this photo…
Sollom Fav Spot (85)
Right well I’ve got to go, the crew of nb “Just Imagine” are on their way to moor up here overnight. No need to mention the BBQ and jolly good knees up (old bean) is there? Dave’s out there cordoning off the towpath with luminous netting as we speak.
Last time Michelle and Barry came for a visit and a silly night out (while we were moored up here) was via car, then a walk down the towpath. JI was still being fitted out at the time, and with delay after delay they were a bit peed off with it at the time. Bit different now though eh?
In case you’re wondering, “JI” is the shorthand version of their boat’s name. Just like TT is the shorthand version of “Tetley Teabag…”

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