Saturday, 7 May 2011

Guess what this is

Is it:
a) A drainpipe?
b) A May pole?
c) A bow thruster tube?
OK I give in, it’s what’s on the inside that counts (very true), the word “counts” reminds me that Dave dropped a section of his (fishing) pole in the canal last time we were out? Alas, even after we’d dredged the area in question. We used a (wooden) pole off the roof and a luxury fishing net but was nowhere to be found… Not only that, it was a mid section which left him a bit short of the mark in the tackle department as it were…
So yes, this is his new investment, I’m pleased to announce he’s no longer a section short of a pole. Except he can’t try it out yet because he’s hurt his back – oh the irony. And how did he hurt his back? Sat outside fishing with one of his older fishing rods – double irony…
Or double jeopardy – not sure which…

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