Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Little black fluffballs

The first water hens of the season from the nest in the reeds that’s been there for AGES, (behind the boat). Out of six eggs there only appears to be two babes, perhaps they come in kit form these days…?
So I took some close up photos of the little tinkers – you can almost tell what they’re thinking…
Budge up a bit Ethel, I wanna be a t’internet star…
Nope, I was here first Arthur…
Mum’s over there so I’m tellin’ on ya. Mu-u-um…

“Now I’ve told you two before, stop bickering...”
Can we have tea now…?

Pleeze mom,, “Well go and wash your beaks while I rustle something together…”

Weeeee, me first – no, me first – no me, me, me…

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