Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Recent photos inspire a music fest

Broken news:
This is a singing blog post, so get your musical instruments out and we can have the canal boaters equivalent of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra on their day off. Well we wouldn’t want to upstage them would we…?
Oh, my contribution would have to be my soprano singing voice, which must sound wonderful to a partially deaf cat, well a partially deaf anything really. In addition, “anything” that isn’t deaf would require earplugs.
It’s the best I can do because I haven’t got my recorder anymore. Besides I could only ever squeak “Three Blind Mice” out of it at the best of times, that was provided my dad had put the tape in the right place to cover the huge crack in it. The guitar I once partially owned (Shared Ownership) was only ever used as a status symbol gathering dust in the corner to impress my friends with. It’s all I could do with it really because it only had 5 strings and a bent plucker. Altogether now,,,
First on the song sheet:
“Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high…”
Looking at this photo perhaps that should be “Somewhere under the rainbow way down low.” The rest of it was hidden behind a massive cloud, there’s quite a few of them about at the mo… So “clouds clouds bugger off, and DON’T come back another day.”
Second on the song sheet agenda:
“By the light of the silvery moon”

Now all we need is a pot of gold, some silver balls bells and we’re sorted…

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