Sunday, 14 August 2011

I think Tilly Mint Drop is now in charge of my blog

Thing is, since yesterday Aunty Heth and Uncle Dave have gained an extra crew member. A certain little person puppy is staying here while daddy’s gone away, and she’s settled nicely aboard TT. At the grand old age of (almost) 4 months old, I think she’s cleverer than we are…
So is that Tilly aboard Takey Tezey or T onboard TT…? Either way, apologies for all the photos, but I just can’t help myself…
Going to bed last night…
Puppy in a blanket... 

I realise these photos look like I’ve copied and pasted her head onto the blanket from a different one. But really, no air brushing or whatever they call it needed - that’s how she likes it, warm boat or not.
Things to remember:
  • She won’t go out for a wee (or anything else for that matter) if it’s raining, luckily she won’t go wee wee in the boat either
  • She prefers human food to dog food – which is probably a universal thing
  • She likes to creep into the bedroom when no-one’s looking
  • She sometimes tries to sit on my laptop
  • Generally she’s very well behaved indeed and likes sitting on her cushion in the sun, or even out of it at the moment because it’s roasting hot out back here. (Only need a bit of sun and the lux con turns into a furnace) sides rolled up or not 
  • She doesn’t like the sound of a motorbike in the distance
  • Not keen on ducks
  • Likes chewing sticks 
Meanwhile the boat looks like a bomb’s hit it with all her toys, bed, cushion, bowls etc scattered amidst the saloon and kitchen, but we don’t care because she’s sooo worth it…
On a different note it’s only three days till we go to Germany, seems like ages ago when we booked it. Can´t wait to get there...
Meanwhile we’re just chillin out this aft, as is Tilly…
Till(y) next time she has to take one of us for a walk…

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