Friday, 9 September 2011

Two extra passengers

A continuous cruise to the pump out palace and back. Mark the Spark wanted to have a practice at driving a widebeam. So we set off with two extra passengers, Tilly mint drop being the other one.
Tilly came aboard first, at this point she was asking me where her dad had gone…?
Ahh, lift her up top and there he is with uncle Dave…
Dad pulling a funny face,, no hang on that’s how it usually looks…
“No I’m not having any of it…”

“Aunty Heth, what’s my dad doing driving your boat…?”
“Dad, what you doing driving this boat…?”

Stats and Facts of the voyage:
Wasps splatted: 1
Boats we passed: 2 narrowboats, 2 widebeams and a Dutch Barge
Cups of tea made: 3 (one with sugar in)
Trees we counted: 2 (big ones)
Total amount of time taken: Approx 1 hour (not including time spent pratting about)

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