Tuesday, 22 November 2011



Sorting out

What is it about crane companies? I mean we’ve been juggling about six different ones over the past couple of days, and none of them seem to want the work…

I know that with such a big thing (literally) we’ve got to look at all the options. The price of the crane at Mercia is acceptable, but HERE? The darn thing must be encrusted with diamonds…
So we asked for a quote from another company based just a couple of miles away, the price sounds reasonable, they were supposed to get back to us later today,, we’ve heard nothing. A safety survey has to be done first, which is the norm. Sounds like they know what they’re doing eh?

But I’ve got a bad feeling about it, I mean Dave mentioned the weight of the boat needing a 60 ton or is it tonnes (?) crane. Either way, what they didn’t seem too savvy about was the fact that a widebeam not only requires a bigger crane, it has to have the steel beam thingy up near the top, and the straps have to be stronger and W-I-D-E-R…

Here’s a photo of TT being dumped in the water for the first time…

Those straps hook up to the steel beam thingy which dangles hangs a fair way down from the top of the crane…

So do we pay less and go with the (potentially) cheap n’ uncheerful version, or do we pay more and go with the diamonds…?   

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