Sunday, 27 November 2011

Well it had to happen sooner or later

I know it’s traditional that a mutiny is usually caused by humans, but as you probably know, on this boat it’s actually the other way round. “Mutiny on the Bounty” has nothing on this…

Yesterday afternoon sometime I pushed the flush button on the toilet and nothing happened, so I tried again 5 times before it actually did what I’d told it to. When I mentioned it to Dave he said he’d already noticed it was going mental temperamental. And calmly added that he’d sort it when we get to Mercia. What if it dies completely in the meantime? It’s most inconvenient (excuse pun) but the timing is spot on…

One of the fancy taps (that won’t come to bits) in the bathroom has sprung a leak too, so it appears that the rebel TT is starting in there first. It’s keep hearing those words “she’s being hauled out the water and plonked on the back of a wagon” that’s done it. So she’s starting off with sabotaging anything that’s got something to do with water… I know this boat too well.
Anyway, we were sat out back earlier and suddenly got talking about all the things we’ll have to remove from outside the boat while it’s in transit. It’s only when you think about it you realise how much stuff there is:
  • The luxury conservatory will have to be folded back with the stainless steel supports strapped together a bit more securely than when we go out. with it down.
  • The front screen will have to be folded forward like we do when we go out. Thing is, under normal circumstances there’s no need to securely attach it when we’re just tootling along at 4 miles an hour. I mean its not like it creates a slipstream with the power to rip it off it’s hinges or smash you in the face. But that too will have to be “fixed” in place and strapped down securely – SOMEHOW.
  • Then there’s 4 chairs from out here, a table and more to be stowed away.
  • Remove the chimley.
  • Remove poles (well that’s obvious).
  • Remove fenders.
  • Remove middle ropes, plus 2 from bow, plus 2 from stern, plus 2 thick ropes with clips front and back.
  • Re-plant all my plants inside.
Then after discussing all that I heard “I’ll have to clean me mushrooms too.” What made him think of that? Because he reckons they’ll stand out like a sore thumb. And he’s probably right…

PS: Curry night was fantastic, but I forgot to take any colourful photos of the highly colourful food. There was almost enough to feed the whole marina… 

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