Monday, 13 July 2009

The conservatory phone call at last we have contact

Dave rang “Canvasman" today about the back cabin restoration project, no, to put it more accurately the “re-invention” of it. Whatever the darn thing’s called.

So the guy’s going to call round on Friday afternoon to assess the construction site, what’s the best design, and how much it's going to cost (hold breath).

No pram covers please, none of us want to end up with a permanent stoop. Also, there’s a crossbeam that's been up there since day ONE, (soon to be removed). Which means anybody around six foot tall bangs their head on it. So we don’t want any more awkward body postures for those tall people to have to find. Not that the beam hits me, even wearing high heels, but for the male of our species (without heels) it’s a different matter. 

Steve wants him to check out his “conservatory” too, so Canvasman could end up with two widebeamer jobs here. Do you think that means there’s a chance of us getting 2 for the price of 1, like at Tesco? Doubtful, very doubtful.

It was suggested today by one of our nutty friends, we should use the remnants of our current “mess” to make a cratch cover for the front of the boat. Trouble is it would have to be the size of a small circus tent for a big boat, which would:
a) Look ridiculous.
b) It’s utterly useless with all the holes and rips that in it anyway.

Earlier this evening the inverter suddenly started to whir, now with all the different boat problems we’ve had of late it was somewhat disconcerting. The thought that there was a power cut outside never entered my head – it had to be the boat, or something electrical associated with it. But as it turned out, not to worry, it was all of us, as in everyone, “in the same boat,” (phew, and excuse pun).

So, everything still worked through the leisure batteries (no candles required), except for the marina Wi-Fi which was down and definitely OUT. Isn’t it strange when you can’t get online? Felt like my right arm was missing or something. No it’s not that I’m a sad case, it’s just that writing is my job, so going back to pen and paper doesn’t work out well at all for me.

There’s so many amendments to my own wittering's, it would be difficult to make head nor tail. Creative writing would turn into Crappy “write off.” I debated "defaulting" to the T-Mobile dingle dongle thingy for a while, but thought better of it.

When the leccy came back on it was 11pm, been off two hours. That’s another advantage of living on a boat then, life’s necessity’s don’t cease to function because of a power cut. Well not for a fair while anyway.

Question: Is web access classed as a necessity now?

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