Friday, 19 March 2010

An exposed pipe and a missing water cap

Seeing as Dave’s batteries were flattened recently, he’s now fully charged and ready to continue the on going saga called “The Bathroom,” episode 206. Here’s today’s challenge:
To box in the poo tank pipe, (no more toilet jokes I promise) except to say that it’s a serious business job. Here it is still open to the elements, baring all and patiently waiting for anonymity at last…
More news on progress as it comes in – he’s going to cut curves in the wood to fit the curve of the roof so that should be interesting.
On a different note, one of us, who shall remain nameless, managed to drop the water tank cap over the side of the boat, oops. As you probably know brass isn’t magnetic, so after faffing about using a (telescopic) fishing net as a dredger for about an hour. We gave up and created this sophisticated bong bung as a temporary arrangement.
BTW those floating cork key rings things don’t work..!
Well, it saves using a plastic key thingy as well – might even catch on…
It took me less than a minute to take the photo above, and look who moved on in…
They’ve been very busy with each other recently so they must be knackered and a bit peckish (excuse pun). I feel sorry for them that they have no notion of privacy, then again they could be exhibitionists.
Think I’d better shut up now, there’s a plant in the back cabin that needs pruning…

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