Monday, 6 December 2010

I´ve abandoned ship, serious about it too

Yesterday was decision day for us, we’ve both been mulling things over for a while now. Trying to convince ourselves that being on the boat with just radiators, (no stove) to keep us warm in winter is fine, but (a BIG but), doubts are setting in.

Neither of us had really spoken about it in detail till now, because I think we’ve both been trying to live with it. After spending 3 winters with the boat being iced in for 3 weeks last year and the year before, this time looks like it’s going to be even worse.

Weighing up pros and cons neither of us are sure anymore that this is right for us. It wouldn’t be half as bad if summers were long and warm. But they aren’t, and the “experts” reckon this is how it’s going to be every year. Well I don’t know about that, but am I willing to find out?
Neither of us are “spur of the moment” people because when it comes down to it “rash decisions” can cause regret. I think I’ve explained enough for you to understand this isn’t something new. The big change this weekend has been facing up to it rather than brushing it under the carpet in the hope that everything would be ok, that never works either.
We both faced up to it yesterday for the first time. Why has it taken so long for us to really discuss it? Well I think that’s because we both love the boat and have been very happy with it.

When you’ve got a massive decision to make like this, it doesn’t matter what the circumstances are, I always find the old pro’s and cons thing works. And right now, sad to say, the cons out-weigh everything. So much so that I “checked” out of the boat today and checked into a hotel nearby, yep that’s how BIG this is. Dave would’ve come too. But there’s a few things he’s got to sort out this week, which means he has to be both there, and the house.

We’ll be popping back forth though, we went for a meal tonight before I came back to the hotel. I’m going back for pub quiz night on Tuesday, which is also a temporary farewell to some good friends of ours further down the pier. They’re lucky enough to have a villa in Tenerife so they’re going out there for the next few months for some winter sun – oh the joy!
Liz came round last night for a drink (Tenerife Liz) and she was totally gobsmacked when we told her.

First thing she said was “NO, not you two, you’re the last people I’d say would sell their lovely boat.” I think she found it hard to believe… Think you might too… I mean even I (we) do for goodness sake.

So we’d decided to put the boat up for sail sale in March / April. If the boat sells, we’d put the house up for sale too. Then do a moonlight flit to somewhere warmer? (Ha). It’s a long term plan over the next year, so we’re not going anywhere yet.

There might be one thing that sways it though, something we’ve never said to anyone is that because we have no stove on board, just the radiators alone aren’t warm enough. Friends have said we need one. Even when we have the radiators set to come on automatically morning and night. We always end up switching them on again in winter, they give off no steady warmth – it’s either all or nothing.

So that’s five radiators plus an electric standalone that in itself EATS electric, but is useless. On a widebeam, in this weather, it just isn’t enough unless the heating is on for about six hours a day.

Enter stage left: Tony the Mop to the rescue? He knows what he’s doing when it comes to matters of the heart hearth, so we emailed him the other day to let him know the score. That´s another reason Dave isn’t here at the hotel, he´ll have to source what the best option is, and get someone to install a stove at this time of year. Aghh! 

Tony’s going to the boat tomorrow to suss it all out. If he can come up with the right answer for us then maybe we’ll have a re-think, even if it does mean cutting a hole in the roof. We need some viable options. So basically our whole future could depend on Tony the Mop, now there’s a thing…
Said to Dave when he came to see me. The only thing I’ll miss this week is him, and our friends who are off to sunnier climes…

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