Saturday, 2 January 2016

Boating Memories Preserved

Our many years of living aboard a boat have been and gone. Blogging about life afloat on the UK canals in the past, totally irrelevant to my blog about life in Spain now. In fact they couldn't be more different. The only kind of boat we might step aboard now is a luxury yacht in the Med for a cruise.
Content may have changed yet my sense of humour within the written word continues, it packed itself in a suitcase when we moved here.  
I considered deleting our watery tales for about half a second, but couldn't do it. So I've painstakingly swapped the best part of that era to this blog, whilst maintaining the same date stamps. 
Consequently, all those hours spent creating the story of our life afloat, while it happened, have been preserved purely for sentimental reasons. History worth saving because it meant something at the time. There are no regrets about our move to a life in the sun whatsoever!
At first I wasn't sure where the "cut off" point should end on here. So I made a decision to leave it be at the best of times. Before any doubts began to set in at the marina we chose to move to.
I've deliberately left that turning point on my original and current day "Two Brits In Spain" blog. At first thought it still isn't relevant. But I felt it was important to include how things changed, why they changed, and as a result, how our dream to move on became possible. More importantly it includes how we eventually turned that dream into reality and beyond...      
If by some chance you've come across this digitally re-mastered old blog first. The ongoing story of our forever life in Spain continues at:

Moving date from the murk of the UK, to our house in the sun, (already owned for 10 months) was 3rd November 2014.
No more lifestyle changes, throw my ashes just down the road, in the Med...!